8a Certification – Avoiding the Eight-Year Social Disadvantage

The “8a Contractor School” tagline, often used in press releases, is often used in conjunction with stories about how companies are being awarded government contracts in record numbers. And, as it turns out, many of these contracts are awarded to “non-traditional” contracting units run by women and minority groups. It s especially eye-opening, however, how much of that fraction of federal contracting money goes to companies owned and operated by economically and/or socially disadvantaged minorities. About a third of the millions of dollars in federal contracting money goes to companies that are owned by people who live in poor areas. And of that fraction, a significant amount–estimated by researchers at the Center for Education and Research on Equity (CERECE) at least–goes to minority-run enterprises.

For women-owned and operated businesses, it was estimated in a study conducted for CERECE that they receive an average of just seven cents on the dollar compared to businesses owned and operated by men. In terms of a woman owning her own business, she might expect to earn about eighteen cents on the dollar. So, what does that mean for small-business owners–and the SBA 8a certification process? It means that, if you want to ensure that you get the subcontracting and outsourcing contract that will lead to lucrative contracting opportunities, you need to make sure that you have the training that will help you secure that business.

That’s when the “8a certification for women” business development program comes into play. You can’t call yourself an expert in social work, education, or business without having this training. It’s a basic part of any successful consultant, that has the necessary expertise to help guide other experienced professional through a process that can be difficult, if not impossible, to navigate on one’s own. Without that expert guidance, the successful consultant is left to his or her own devices in terms of figuring out what the government is looking for and how to prepare to answer those questions.

If you’re wondering why you need to obtain this particular training, the answer is simple. Contractors in social work, education, health care, and other fields must be able to answer specific questions that are posed by government agencies. There are billions of dollars of contract dollars that are being doled out each year by the federal government and its agencies. A good portion of those monies goes unclaimed, which is why training for the 8a certification for women is so important. It doesn’t matter whether you receive contracts from state, city, county, or federal agencies; the fact is that you need to be qualified to answer these contracts as their client.

The SBA is in charge of making sure contractors are competent and knowledgeable enough in order to handle projects that they receive. It also oversees their activities and holds them accountable for any findings that it uncovers. When you receive an award from the SBA, it’s because the organization checked your business out thoroughly and found that your company met the requirements necessary to receive that award. What does that mean? A contract award is just the start; it’s only the beginning.

Not only do you have to obtain certification for a specific business field, but there’s another thing that you need to be certified in: customer service. Most small businesses don’t think about this requirement when they’re seeking business assistance, but the truth is that the customer is the most important aspect of the entire enterprise. It’s the satisfaction and the interest of the customer that make it a solid business decision to find out more about this requirement. Once you complete your 1 week ago training, you’ll be ready to take your newfound knowledge and put it to use!

There’s a lot more to BIS than just the contracting requirements, too. One of the things that they do is establish contracts, and a contract is a promise made by the company to do work within a specific period of time. Contracts can cover everything from purchasing supplies to manufacturing and all the way down to complex engineering projects. Without the proper contracts in place, companies can be in danger of losing a lot of money because they waited too long to get a particular job contracted out. Your small business can learn more about the importance of contract hiring by taking the GSA schedules that describe the various programs and services that you’re required to submit for approval, and then you can begin to see just how valuable this certification really is.

In conclusion, it’s not just what the 8a certification offers that matters. It’s what it teaches you. Knowing what you have to do and why it matters will help you understand just why this is such an important part of managing your business and your personal finances. This knowledge is the single most important thing that you can gain, and it will help you avoid a whole host of social disadvantages and financial missteps that can befall your company or your personal net worth. Don’t take the certification exam for granted, and don’t miss out on the many benefits that come with having a great certification.